Magical Solutions

According to modern witchcraft movements, the definition of magic has to be felt somewhere between an individual’s actions and its environment. Some express it as «the Science of understanding oneself and one's conditions, {...} the art of applying that understanding in action»*, others see it as «the connection through one’s surroundings to “super powers that reside in the natural»**, and some others see magic simply as «making full use of the five senses in order to achieve surprising results»***.

Magic is a shifting of positioning. Magic is a place within our globalized societies where we would be able to take the time within ourselves and with each other to consider and feel the implications of our actions and non-actions, of our existences in an ecosystem. We will nest all together into the ideas of magical practices and magical thoughts to collectively experiment the meanings of our consumption and of our environmental resources.

Considering magic as a field of experimentation, allowing the creation of new selves, letting vernacular practices leak into global culture, we would like to place knowledge sharing and a seek for pleasure and kindness in the center of our questionings on our massive production and consumption system.

This invitation’s theme leaves each of us free to define the concept of magic while allowing us to meet on a common ground where individualistic identities can not be forced on organic bodies and where resonances between beings set the way communication and creation are lived.

Maybe if an artwork is conceived as a magical act we can escape the scenery of authors-individuals showing their productions. Then we would rather focus on the experiences between a public and a space/time collectively conceived and designed.